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Artmark Live – online bidding platform with real-time live video streaming

Register in just two steps!

Step 1: Click on SIGN UP in the upper right corner of the screen
Step 2: Fill in your personal data and send a copy of your identity document to

What’s next?

  • - You will receive a confirmation e-mail for your account activation
  • - You can submit written offers on the website, or
  • - You can bid from anywhere, at the same time with the bidders in the saleroom
  • - Your account remains active for future sales. In order to access it again, click on LOG IN

Don’t forget! You must read the auction rules

Bid Smartly

Now it will be easier to see the stage of a lot’s bidding. How? The main button will warn you by changing colours. Green means the sale is under way, orange warns you that the auctioneer is preparing to adjudicate the lot, and red means it is your last chance to bid for that particular lot before it is adjudicated.

Live text

Even though you cannot see the saleroom, you will know everything that happens inside with the auction script live text option. Thus, you can read every step of the auction, in real time, under the main button.


Under the auction script section there is a grey band that informs you of the amount (current price) requested in the saleroom by the auctioneer, as well as of the following bidding prices. Thus, you can be prepared and plan ahead.


In the lower side of the page you can see all the lots put on sale during the evening. Hover over the lot that catches your interest. The lots that have already been adjudicated will be marked as such:
- Loturi adjudecate: “Adjudecat”, marcate cu o linie verde
- Lots with bidding under way: marked with a blue line
- Loturi neadjudecate: “Reintroducere” marcate cu o linie roşie

In my language

English or Romanian? Why not both? You can change the app language whenever you want. When you switch between the two, the auction steps and the buttons will be displayed in the chosen language.


Once you click on the reintroduction button, the app will ask you to confirm this option. Once confirmed, the bidding will be automatic when the lot will be announced by the auctioneer, and you will no longer have to click on the bidding button. Thus, the app guarantees that the first step for the lot you have reintroduced is yours.


The next day after the bid you will receive the invoice for your adjudicated lots, together with the payment details. For more information regarding invoicing and collecting the lots, please contact us at the telephone number: 021 210 30 16

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